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跳舞的梵谷 A Dancing Van Gogh 011117

Stefanie Sun Yan Zi is back with her new album 跳舞的梵谷 A Dancing Van Gogh!

It’s very different from her usual fix and it’s evident that as she’s getting older, she’s experimenting more with various styles of music. I have no doubt that this tune will grow on me just like her last release, 彩虹金刚.

Her second single, I’m Very Happy, was aired on radio yesterday but I’ve yet to get a listen of it. The accompanying music video will be released on 4 November.

The full album will be released on 9 November and according to the news sources I’ve been reading, shops have been taking preorders from 25 October…which brings me to the point, where do people preorder their music CDs anyway these days? For the life of me, I can’t name any of the current CD shops still around aside from those which are long gone (Sembawang? HMV? CD Rama?).

Addendum: So it seems there isn’t any huge retailer taking preorders in Singapore but I found one organised by the YanziUnlimited Singapore fan club;

Each pre-order is S$30 (inclusive of international & domestic shipping fee within Singapore) and comes with the following:

1) 跳舞的梵谷 album
2) 24 page pictorial booklet
3) A5 size document file
4) 手动乐章小卡 (to be confirmed)*

*There is a 孫燕姿 No. 13 作品:跳舞的梵谷 special exhibition in Taiwan at the 6th floor of Eslite Bookstore, Xinyi Store from 4-9 November. At this exhibition, you can show your proof of preorder and exchange for a 手动乐章小卡 which will grant you entry into the exhibition. We are trying to secure 1 手动乐章小卡 per album directly so that each preorder will come with it even if you cannot fly to Taiwan and exchange for it in person. We will update again on that once we receive confirmation.
All orders will be shipped from Taiwan to Singapore and delivered to your indicated mailing address subsequently.

Seems legit enough and I’ve placed my order. I’m glad that someone was willing to take the effort to organise this but now I’m wondering how am I gonna ‘rip’ the CD tracks out for my iTunes on my MBA?


Addendum: Update from YanziUnlimited Singapore on the preorder status on 10 November;

[Preorder update]
14 Nov: Our albums are estimated to reach Singapore end of this week/early next week

12 Nov: Our order will be shipped from Taiwan starting Monday and we will start mailing them out to you once they reach.

11 Nov: Hi All who have pre-ordered your albums with us, we are currently sorting out the logistics with the Taiwan music shop for shipping and delivery.

More updates will come in a few days, thanks for understanding that it takes a while for the tw side to sort our orders and get them shipped out to us in Singapore.

So they should be receiving the shipment sometime between 16-21 November and hopefully I can finally get my hands on the copy before 24 November?