This is a mess.

So over 90% of over 2 million votes were counted saying ‘yes’ to secession from Spain in the Catalonia independence referendum but the Spanish government is doing its utmost best to thwart their plans, at the same time, claiming that the polls were rigged due to poor administration of the polling process.

And you can see the Spanish police force are very serious.

Some of my favourites;

TESTIMONY. Catalan girl with the fingers broken one by one by spanish riot police.#HelpCatalonia#CatalanReferendum#SpainIsPain pic.twitter.com/d6EC1oKQ1l

— Galiza Rebelde (@galizarebelde) October 1, 2017

Spanish police detaining an extremely dangerous secessionist terrorist #CatalanReferendum

— yannis tellidis (@yannistellidis) October 2, 2017

#CatalanReferendum Footage shows police dragging and kicking voters while clearing Barcelona polling station https://t.co/iqyk77kzOx pic.twitter.com/xGNIWyiTTB

— Ruptly (@Ruptly) October 2, 2017

02 October 2017