iOS App Monetisation

I’m certain any self respecting app dev/get rich quick/social web blogger must have covered this topic a million times ages ago but how depressing was my experience with Sega’s attempt to reinfiltrate the iOS AppStore when I downloaded the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game hoping to relive my childhood when I was greeted by a full screen, unskippable 5 minute (at least) demo for Square Enix’s sad attempt to milk the Final Fantasy franchise (even more) with a tower defence clone.

This honestly just screws up your fans’ experience IMO. Why advertise it as “free” and package it in such a soul-draining format? If you can’t justify making it free, just be straight and offer it at a fair price point. You might be missing out on the great opportunity to convert any disgruntled fan but at least you’re not decimating away what’s left of your company’s goodwill.

26 June 2017