Mr Lim

How to hide unused apps on iPhone (without jailbreak)

For the longest time, the only reasons I ever jailbreak my iPhone was to hide the generally unused apps (Newsstand, Game Centre etc.) and F.lux.

There’s still no way to get F.lux on the device however, there now appears to be a way to hide the undesirable apps without jailbreaking, alas through a bug.

  • First, make sure you start with a homescreen completely filled up with apps.
  • Next, choose from the 2nd page the app that you would like to hide and hold it down until the apps start wiggling.
  • Drag the app over another app on the full homescreen as if you’re going to create a folder.
  • Let the iOS thinks you’re creating a folder and then without letting go, drag the icon you want to hide out of the folder box and drop it down in the dock.

That should hide the app in question and you will no longer see it on the homescreen. You’ll still be able to search and run it via Spotlight and note that the app will reappear if you restart your device. Other than that, you’re good to go. Tested and working in the latest iOS 8.1.2.


Originally written on 12 December 2014.