Mr Lim


After discussing with my SO and seeing such a convenient location (Toa Payoh) opening up for BTO development, we’ve made the decision to apply for our first HDB BTO. With only 419 units and 4100 applicants, the chances are slim but I’m very optimistic. Let’s see if we do get a favourable balloting number come end August, fingers crossed.

Addendum: “Unfortunately, as your balloted queue position has far exceeded the flat supply, we regret to inform that your application has not been successful.” 🙁

Addendum 2: After trying to apply for a BTO for 7 (or 8? I’ve lost count at this point) over a period of more than 2 years, we finally got a queue position actually within the supply of units of flats on offer! Instead of settling for a less popular option, we’ve made the decision to stick with our initial decision and are finally “rewarded” for our perserverance.

Originally written on 6 August 2014.