Mr Lim

Fitbit Flex Review

So 5 months ago, I started paying attention to the rising number of wearable tech we have on the market. Particularly the fitness trackers and it came down to either of the following; Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up or FitBit Flex.

With the price in the $100+, I obsessively consumed the billions of reviews and comparisons between the products. I ended up going with the FitBit Flex for its price and the fact that I can safely wear it while swimming (the other 2 being totally not waterproof).

It served its purpose, I was more motivated and used it religiously to track my daily sleep, calorie intake and activities (steps). Obviously, it takes more than a tracker to achieve fitness but it definitely helps.

Word of caution, charging unit requires a proprietary cable and the process is a hit or miss (try googling “fitbit flex not charging”). Also, 3 months in, the strap kinda broke;

Fitbit Flex

So there’s that. If you are considering one, maybe hold off the purchase for awhile. The products are nice and shiny but probably not ready for primetime yet.

Originally written on 12 February 2014.