YouPorn, RedTube Banned in Singapore

You’ve probably heard, Singapore has recently banned access to two porn websites in a “symbolic statement” of Singapore’s societal values.

For the innocent and naive people (like me), YouPorn and RedTube are apparently similar to YouTube but for grownups.

Guess they never saw this video;

What will the millions of bored Singaporeans do online now? 😮

Go Internet Censorship!

Addendum: Do you know not only porn websites are being banned by Singapore?

9 Responses to “YouPorn, RedTube Banned in Singapore”

  1. Molly

    I guess they ban some terrorist sites too? But what else I don’t know…

    Now thanks to the MDA, the porn sites have publicity and we will have IT-savvy kids going to these sites through proxies. Or maybe host their porn version of crunchyroll.

    Then next year, when some other report comes out the banned sites will be replaced by some other porn sites. And then the MDA change the list of 100 (no more or less?) banned sites again. So maybe we will have access to sites teaching people how to make bombs, but not to sites showing how people make love.

  2. mr lim

    Ah yes, I was kinda shocked that the news article actually mentioned the sites’ names.

    No, no Molly. I wouldn’t have any clue about those silly terrorist sites.

    A particular religion site more specifically. I do not have a religion (at this point of time) but that site does have some funny comics on it.

    I’m guessing our gahmen’s afraid the religious folks wouldn’t be able to handle such stuff.

  3. jamie gold


  4. gerry

    since u r bored with no porn web.. there is still hope….


    … in

    www. porn hub . com XD (^(00)^)

  5. Social Anomaly

    What a stupid legislation really..If they are afraid of children watching porn they should be bloody lecturing the parents ..Some of us are adults above the ages of 21 and have every bloody right to watch porn..thanks so much Singapore for policing my adult life

  6. mr lim

    Well, there is a very, very simple way to access the above mentioned sites, if you are really keen to find out, leave a comment with your e-mail. 😀

  7. anonymouse

    access to these sites are simple..
    go to yahoo..
    type anonymouse,
    click english
    then type the banned site..
    tah dah!

  8. Annoy

    Videos on the site won’t play when using anonymouse, how do i go around it?

  9. a

    it works for youporn, not sure about redtube

    thanks for showing the way to the website!