What’s wrong with this photograph?

Took me ages to figure out. Can you?

136 Responses to “What’s wrong with this photograph?”

  1. shawn

    Above the door (right side of photo), there seems to be a picture frame on the ceiling.

  2. TheeObskure

    Yah, there’s five fingers visible on the hand that she has to her face, assuming that she has a thumb as well, that makes six fingers.

  3. Marsvin

    I never would have noticed that. I wouldn’t say there’s necessarily anything wrong with the picture either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Franco

    Mr. Rivadlla is right, she has six fingers. It took me 45 seconds. Very easy.

  5. dave

    yeah i cheated and looked at the comments.

    i would never have gotten it otherwise.

  6. fred

    I would also say that having a spade on the wall makes it an odd photo… Who cares about the fingers?

  7. johnnyg0

    two of these fingers really really looks alike, photoshop?

  8. ebay

    Hello, she is only 13 years old! Not a problem for anyone?

  9. blah

    my first thought was ‘my dick isn’t in her mouth’

  10. M0b1u5

    Enlarging the image, there is some blurring where the sixth finger meets the hand.

    I think Photochop.

  11. slim

    3 in the pink, 2 in the stink (thumb left over of course)


  12. mike T

    FAKE!!! look at her lips, half has lipstick and half doesnt…

    i smell photoshop, but still a good concept to genetically engineer hookers with more fingers to maximize profits.

  13. maddy

    How about using unrealistic images to make other girls feel like a piece of shit because they arn’t as beautiful?

  14. Robert

    This is blatant discrimination against six-fingered people like myself. Playing the piano is far easier than it is with disadvantaged five fingered people. This photograph points fun at minority fingered people, and should be removed immediately.

  15. Poop Fart

    6 fingers or not, I’d fuck that bitch 6 ways from sunday and I’d proudly introduce her to everyone as “my 6-fingered girlfriend” until her looks faded, of course.

  16. blowfish

    She’s still mad hott I dont care how many fingers she has.. more skin

  17. fake

    I donno about everyone else but I think the finger is fake. Look, there’s no wrinkle in it.

  18. SiriS

    He never said it was real, he asked what was wrong with it.

  19. pexdiddy

    Oh come on, unusually beautiful . . . ? ? she’s bare minimum . . . get a make over

  20. Simon G

    She’d do me for a couple of weeks or until got bored of her. Do you think she can wash up dishes quicker than other birds?

  21. SlipStream

    Well wouldn’t that be 3 in the gutter and 2 in the turd cutter?

  22. Tory

    Also, if you look, high left of the picture, does that look like a female blow up doll with big cleavage or is that just me?

  23. adam

    having six fingers is a dominant trait called polydactyly, which is not uncommon.

  24. steve

    hi i rock woo! id fuck her if she was a guy

    lol im a guy:))

  25. LAME

    There’s nothing wrong with the photograph, just the moron that posted this crap that wasted my time. Who cares how many fingers she has.

  26. Phishy


    She has no thumb on her right hand. (Looked that way to me)


    One boob is bigger than the other.

  27. Jessiqua

    she has 6 fingers, if that’s something “wrong”
    it took me 5 seconds

  28. Pankas

    She has six fingers but, who gives shit about it???? She’s smoking hot, and that extra finger means a better handjob, don’t you think???

  29. james

    id fuck the shit outta her and her crazy hands but y didnt anyone see what else is wrong…..shes not naked

  30. Funyuns

    either she gives good HJ’s or she’s a well-hung lesbian. Either way i’d hit it X2

  31. Renny

    Whats wrong is it’s photoshopped, and her name was Frank. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Renea

    She has two index fingers. Basically 5 fingers and 1 thumb

  33. LilPunkin

    Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.

  34. Jonnyboyo

    it’s black and white real life is in colour…. lol

  35. bob

    photoshop, look how small her middle knuckle is compared to the others

  36. Fony

    Hah, she has 6 fingers but I would still hit it no problem :p

  37. Rakel

    if it’s photoshopped it’sthe ring finger twice. Could be polydactyly too.

  38. johnnyb

    Definitely photoshopped.
    She doesn’t really have five fingers and a thumb.
    I’m the guy who surfs the web and says “Photoshopped” to every picture I see.

  39. John B

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped….nor do I think it’s legit. I think she’s holding something finger shaped in her mouth with her real finger curled up beside it.

    An optical illusion of sorts.

  40. Neon_Knight

    Yes, 6 fingers. Figured it out in, around, 5 seconds.

    People just don’t take the trouble anymore…

  41. John Galt

    This photo is obviously fake. The only man with six fingers has them on his left hand.

  42. jkillah1

    I was scared… I was waiting for one of those things where the picture changes and screams at you lol

  43. Ken

    Hello, my name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!

  44. fluffy

    the thing wrong with this picture is that she has two regular boobs and one huge angular boob poking up from her lap.

  45. six finger lovin

    fingers were the first things i looked for, given the general normality of the photo. and yes i agree with a few of the others; she would give a great hand job.

  46. Brandy

    Six fingers…and to respond to the picture on the ceiling thing…it’s probably an attic door. That’s what it looks like to me.

  47. andres

    I cheated as well…

    John B, good work at figuring out the true trick. I guess it’s a sign of the times that most of us would think of digital editing before a plastic finger.


  48. Izabael

    This is one of those “stumbles” where the comments are way more entertaining than the actual content…lol

  49. Matt

    Jesus, I wish everyone would stop saying she’s TWELVE or FIFTEEN as she looks fucking NOWHERE near those ages. Seriously, how stupid are you guys?

  50. Jody

    duh extra finger my eye went right to it since she had it in her mouth I saw the four knuckles then the extra finger right away. Not bad though.

  51. cynical

    the problem is her picture’s not on myspace and there aren’t cuts on her wrists. also: not attractive.

  52. Jude

    She’s got 6 fingers on her right hand. Stop lookin at the girl and look at the picture

  53. dave

    your right, six fingers… never wouldve noticed if it wasnt for you guys commenting, and yeah, would not say no… would not say noooo…

  54. duh!!

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the bitch dont have a thumb and five fingers!! lol

  55. Iozzi

    Yes she has 6 fingers. However the lighting on the underside of her chine does not match the lighting on the underside of the shelving on the wall.

  56. Jeffrey Joseph

    It’s the fingers Bro.

    “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any creature or living being.”

    Jain scripture

  57. Schlowblow

    Man, she has hairy armpits. Like freakin wookies or something.

    And her bush!

    Girl, you need a razor.

  58. Jagcycle

    Too bad the comments were taken over by idiots. They probably didn’t notice the extra finger because they had to go look at porn as soon as they saw a tiny bit of cleavage.

    I usually add little things like this in pictures i send out to friends. My wife got her hair cut recently. I cut her teeth out of the picture enlarged them about 10 times and put them in a layer behind the original photo. They looked huge and crooked. No one noticed though. At least they didn’t mention it.

  59. Jon

    This is really easy to work out, since all the google ads next to the picture mention the word ‘finger’…

  60. w3rd

    the 3rd and 4th middle fingers are exactly the same, only 1 is angled. photoshop.

  61. WitchFinder

    Satan has left his mark! The wench is in league with the The Evil One – we must burn her.

  62. nats

    fuck the fake pointer finger theres a blowup doll in the far top left corner of the pic on the shelf.

  63. gavin

    six fingers all th better to give hand jobs with my dear

  64. Alice

    An skanky bitch took a picture of herself in Black and White trying to be artsy, and just ended up looking like your run of the mill MySpace camwhore.

  65. inkt

    Im a lesbian and I definfitely vote for the well hung handjob oooooh yeahhhhh

  66. lortis

    Hey you assholes,that’s my sister! So what if she has 6 fingers? Yes that is a blow up doll on the shelf, she was in my room. By the way she does give great hand jobs!

  67. carl

    If you look closer you can see the tip of her thumb!!!!!!!! also look at the bottom of the fake finger it stops below the knuckle line and is also blunt on the end< she is obvious;ey holding somthing that resembles a finger

  68. William Foster

    If thats a real patient, isn’t there a risk of complaint about her picture being on the internet?

    The question asked was “whats wrong with the photograph” when it should have been “whats wrong with this person”

    In any case you have to be fully wide awake to spot that she’s got five fingers instead of four.

  69. top dog

    actually everyone normal has 8 fingers and two thumbs,and yes id give her a rite seen two,she wouldnt need a fake finger then`,id think of something much beter to put in her mouth

  70. Collier Hageman

    She is displaying 5 fingers but not one of them is a thumb. C’mon guys! I usually suck at this sort of thing and it took me only a little over 1 minute to figure it out.

  71. Primal80s

    I hit my mute button and scrolled right down to the comments to find out if this was a bit of fun or a “screamer”…after more than a month of an internet connection your paranoid radar should be set off when you’re asked to stare at a picture :(

  72. Me

    Wow…I am even more turned on now. A 6-fingered hand-job. YES!

  73. marklangit

    they are using canon powershot S200 and edit it using photoshop cs2 on windows. its a good trick.

  74. knukles

    Take that offline! She’s my fucking sister! Even tho I’m blind, I’d know her fingers anywhere!

  75. Don

    The title of this post is misleading, which causes the viewer to focus on everything but the person (at least at first). Then there’s the fact that you can’t see her entire hand, making the deformity easy to miss. Even if you DO spot the deformity, you could easily assume that there is nothing WRONG with the picture and just come to the conclusion that this post is retarded.

  76. s8n666

    Thats just one extra finger for her to slide in my ass while she is blowing me!!

  77. Richard Mongler

    I was getting a handjob from a 6 fingered girl and my mom got scared And said, “You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.”I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought, “Nah, forget it. Yo home to Bel-Air!” I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8and I yelled to the cabby yo holmes smell ya later Looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

  78. stine

    I think its the fact that shes in her grandmas room

  79. elemer szollosi

    yes,she has 6 fingers instead of five on her right hand

  80. andreastaraldsen

    you stupid fucks, where do you see 6 fingers?

  81. Sam Cornwell

    I counted the fingers….

    5… That was fine…

    Looked around a little more….

    Counted the knuckles….

    EH? where’s the thumb knuckle.

    Under a minute and I DIDN’T look at the comments.